Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meal Exchange

Freezer cooking never worked for me. I could never carve out a day to only cook, plus the thought of all those dishes just did not appeal to me! About 2 weeks ago one of my friends suggested we do a meal exchange. Everyone cooks 3 of the same meal and we all exchange so we end up with 3 different meals. This has been great, that means 3 nights a week dinner is already half way done! Now if you are anything like me I severly dislike reheated meals, so these meals are not cooked, they just have to be put in the oven and some have to be put together. Below are the meals we have made the last 2 weeks, it has really been a great time saver for me.

Chicken Vermacelli

This is what is included in the bag
1 box of thin spegatti broken into smaller pieces
2 large chicken breast seasoned, cooked and diced
3-4 cups of shreaded cheddar

What the cook has to do:
boil the noodles
layer the ingredients
pour 1 cup of milk over
cook at 400 for about 30 minutes

YUMMO! and it takes alot less time because the chicken is ready for you!

Layered Beef Enchiladas

This is what is included in the bag
1lb of cooked seasoned ground beef
1- 19oz can of enchilada sauce
1 small can of chili (no bean)
2 cups of cheese

What the cook has to do
combine chili and enchilada sauce
layer all ingredients
cook at 400 until bubbly

Another easy dinner. Confession: since I got married I have not rolled enchiladas, I always layer them! My MIL said that is how she always cook them so that makes it ok in my book! :)

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