Thursday, April 29, 2010

Always take your keys with you.

Well I knoew eventually it was going to happen, I got locked out of the house. I was in the backyard water the tree (trying not to kill it!) and I left the door open. Well Thomas really likes to close doors, I dont know why. He closes the door and I dont think much of it and finish up outside. I go to open the door and it is locked! I peer inside to see Thomas standing next to the door with a giant grin on his face. So I have a decision, am I going to get mad, because I really want to, or do I try to coax him to unlock the door. I chose the latter. I try to convince T to unlock the door and he tries, but gets frustrated and throws himself on the floor....not helping my situation! So I go to head around front and oh no the lock on the gate that prevents people from getting into the back yeard is not preventing me from getting out. So i fiddle with it and eventually it is open, it wasnt really locked in the first place just rusty (whew!) I run around front, thinking about how the toilet seat is up and what if T gets into it..... I try the front door hoping that it is not locked (even though I know it is), no luck. SO I open the garage and check for the key we leave in the freezer for situations like this....nope not there. I start to panic, I say a little prayer and try to open the door from the garage to the house.....and it is UNLOCKED!!! I wasnt sure at this point if I was a mad at T, not that it would have done any good! Then I decided it would make a good blog, so as long as something good comes out of it then I am OK! Lesson learned never walk out the door without my keys!