Monday, June 22, 2009

Great Shopping Trick

I did so well at Target and Kroger today. I got everything in the picture for less than $40. Woo-hoo. Frank has been asking for "man body wash" for a while, he is so excited. My savings at Target was round 80% + I have a $5 giftcard for next time. My savings at Kroger was 61%, this is the first time I have broken 50% there!

Hair Cuts All Around

This weekend was haircuts for all which included T's First haircut. We went to Sharkey's in Rockwall and they did so well with the kids. It was worth the overpriced hair cut to get someone used to working with kids. I dont have any pictures, I was to busy bribing the kiddos with m&m's, but mom does and if I can get them I will post. T got the classic little boy cut, sooo cute. Lily got hers cut into a bob just like mommy. She looks so grown up with this hair cut, but it is so cute on her.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Why oh why...

SO I am laying in bed asleep last night about 11:00 and the smoke alarms start going off. Not just one all of them. So I frantically get up and ask Frank, "DO you hear that?". Yeah I know stupid question, but I was half asleep. Frank checks the house to discover there is no fire so we call the alarm company. After being on hold with the alarm screaching in my ear the kind lady informs me this is not an alarm event, but one of my smoke detectors battery is low. SERIOUSLY do they all need to go off if one has a low battery??? So we scower the house looking for a culprit. We change the battery in the one causing the problem and decide we had better do them all while we are at it. We change all the batteries and the alarm stops going off continusly, but every 5 minutes or so it alarms for about 30 seconds. So the hunt is on again. We find one of the alarms does not have the light on showing that its battery is good, so we changed the battery out and no luck. So Frank decides to unplug it from the celing and the alarm stops!!! YEA...silence. At this point I am relieved, but guarded. If I go to bed and this thing goes off again it is going to piss me off! So I stay up for about 30 min (now 12:30) to make sure that fixes it. It did, so I am off to be.
Dont get me wrong I am glad we have smoke detectors, we have needed them before, but do they all need to go off when one of their batteries are low? And why does it alway seem to be the middle of the night when it happens?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Walgreens & CVS Deals this week

This week was really good at CVS and Walgreen's, this is what I did.

(2) Dawn dishsoap @1.00 each
(2) .25 coupon
= 1.50 & recieved 1.00 off next purchase (.25 each)

(6) Always pads @ 3.00 each
(3) 1.00 coupons
=15.00 & recieved 6.00 off next purchase (1.50 each)

(8) Degree Antipersprent & Deo @ 2.50 each
(4) .75 coupon
(3) 1.25 coupon
=13.25 & recieved 10.00 off next purchase (.41 each)

(1) Gamer Rasor @ 7.99
(1) 4.00 coupon
=3.99 & recieved 4.00 off next purchase (FREE!!)

spent $33.74
saved $47.69
$21.00 off my next purchase!

(2) Oscar Mayer Bacon @3.99 each
(1) 1.00 coupon
= 2.99 (or 1.50 each)

(2) Blue Diamond Almonds @ 3.49 each
sale price -3.39
(2) .50 coupons
= 2.59 (or 1.30 each)

Mars Candy Deal
Snickers .89
Twix .70
Milky Way .80
Snickers .79
Twix .80
M&M .69
Total before coupons 4.67
(3) BOGO coupons - 2.18
sale price -1.67
=.82 (or .14 each)

Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder 3.49
(1) 1.00 coupon
=2.49 & recieved 1.00 off next purchase

spent $7.89
saved $15.43
$1.00 off my next purchase!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Family Updates

OK I have been informed (by someone to remain nameless) that I am the worst blogger EVER! I know sometimes life just gets us sidetracked. So I thought I would give a quick update to all of this interested.
Lily: Miss Lily is doing GREAT, she is so smart (sometimes too smart). She is very into swimming and has informed me (because she usually does not ask) she needs swimming lessons this summer. Which is great because she is completely fearless. We are having so much fun on our break before summer session starts. Next week she will be in Austin with Grandma and Grandpa, hope they can keep up. Lily is very proud of her garden (although mom does all the work). Ask her about it sometime, but make sure you have about 30 minutes, she is a talker!

Thomas: Oh my can this baby get any BIGGER??? He is growing like a weed and is a very active little boy. He has started pulling up and toddleing around objects, but once he is up he is scared to sit down! He loves playing with his sister (mostly going into her room) and getting into things Mommy doesn't think he should have! We still only have 2 teeth, but it is not slowing us down we eat everything mommy, daddy and Lily have for dinner.
Mommy & Daddy: We are doing well, Frank will be taking a trip to Amarillo & Roswell in July to see a friend. We are taking Miss Lily to see Dora Live in July (but shhh dont tell her).

Duncan: Cant forget Duncan, he is good. Thomas loves to play with him, usually his tail which I find disgusting, but Duncan just takes it in stride!

I promise I will make an effort to blog more often.