Wednesday, June 2, 2010

me, domestic....NAH!

I never really thought of myself as a domestic person. My goal in college was a degree in Theatre and move to NY and Stage Manage or possibly tour. Not really the domestic stay at home mom you pictured, I never would have imagined the person I am today!I think it all started when I met Frank (sure why not blame this on him!). When Frank and I started dating I started experimenting with cooking(the way to a man's heart is through his tummy, right?). Mom had taught me to cook, but I had never really done it all on my own. Frank was always a good sport, in fact I dont think he would have told me if something was awful! By the time the kids born I have a good hold on cooking and started baking and decorating cakes. Unfortunatly this has fallen by the way side due to our families busy schedule. When I stopped working I started trying to do SOME things they way they used to be done. For example we have made our own cleaners, laundry detergent, diswashing detergent, I bake bread on a regular basis, make our own pizza dough(YUMM), bake from scratch, grown a garden, cloth diapering, sewing, quilting, knitting (this went terribly wrong!) and the latest making jelly. It is comforting to think I am doing soemthing the way my great grandmother did it 75 years ago. The homesteading movement is very interesting to me. There are some very interesting families out there that are mostly self sufficient. They have chickens for eggs, grow their own produce, raise their own beef, all natural cleaning, make their own clothing, ect. Some of the things I want to try are; making soap, canning, grinding our own wheat, bigger garden, hanging clothes to dry and if I could talk Frank in to it I would have a chicken for eggs! I could never go full into the homesteading; I can't go anywhere without my blackberry, must check facebook 200 times a day, have to get my nails done and I am not really that into raising a cow I know I am going to eat!