Friday, June 12, 2009

Why oh why...

SO I am laying in bed asleep last night about 11:00 and the smoke alarms start going off. Not just one all of them. So I frantically get up and ask Frank, "DO you hear that?". Yeah I know stupid question, but I was half asleep. Frank checks the house to discover there is no fire so we call the alarm company. After being on hold with the alarm screaching in my ear the kind lady informs me this is not an alarm event, but one of my smoke detectors battery is low. SERIOUSLY do they all need to go off if one has a low battery??? So we scower the house looking for a culprit. We change the battery in the one causing the problem and decide we had better do them all while we are at it. We change all the batteries and the alarm stops going off continusly, but every 5 minutes or so it alarms for about 30 seconds. So the hunt is on again. We find one of the alarms does not have the light on showing that its battery is good, so we changed the battery out and no luck. So Frank decides to unplug it from the celing and the alarm stops!!! YEA...silence. At this point I am relieved, but guarded. If I go to bed and this thing goes off again it is going to piss me off! So I stay up for about 30 min (now 12:30) to make sure that fixes it. It did, so I am off to be.
Dont get me wrong I am glad we have smoke detectors, we have needed them before, but do they all need to go off when one of their batteries are low? And why does it alway seem to be the middle of the night when it happens?

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  1. I blogged about this very thing the other day! And they always go off in the middle of the night, so frustrating!!