Saturday, April 25, 2009

AH-HA Moment

I had an Ah-Ha Moment and a well duh moment this week. I had a shirt of Lily's that had a stain (if I had to guess spegatti sauce, her fav) so I washed it in 3 differnt detergents and tried spray and wash, nothing worked. We have this problem often with Lilys shirts, but this was a really cute one her Grandma just bought! So I gave up until I could think of something else to try. I hung it out to dry, in honor of earth week. When I went to get it from outside the stain was almost unnoticble. In fact I am probably the only one that could find it. I was so excited! Then it hit me duh the sun.
When I started cloth diapering I leared that the sun will bleach almost any stain out and you don't have to put harsh cleaners next to your babys skin. If it is a really bad stain a little lemon juice will help the sun along. So it makes sense that it works on clothes as well.
So I guess this is just another added benefit of drying your clothes outside!


  1. That is good to know.... a helpful bit of information since I also always get my clothes stained up!

  2. I didnt know that! Do you have a line outside to hang clothes on? Are they stiff when dry?

  3. i have a rack that folds up. They do get stiff on days when there is not a breeze, but I just throw them in the dryer on air fluff for 5 min