Thursday, February 19, 2009

Granny Barnett Would Be Proud!

So for those of you who were never lucky enough to meet my Granny Barnett she was a feisty little lady that didn't take sh%$ from anyone. That has little to do with this, but she also lived through the depression which made her a compulsive hoarder!
Some other mom's I work with have gotten me started doing this thing called the grocery game. Basically you cut coupons and this website tells you when to use them to get the best deal. When you get a good deal you stock up on stuff so it holds you over until the next cycle of sales.
So I get home from CVS last night with a bag full of stuff. The shelf value is $45.00, I paid $25 and received $23 in store cash to use next time I got to CVS. So really it cost approx $2! I start putting the new treasures away to realize I have accumulated 10 tubes of toothpaste (we will never have bad breath again!), 10 different shampoos (our hair will smell good too), 5 deodorants (no BO!), 5 toothbrushes and some other misc things. It made me think of Granny Barnett :)

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  1. I totally LOL when I read the word sh%$. I cannot see you saying that word! These fun posts are just beginning, pretty soon you'll want to take pics and show the world all your treasures.