Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Summer Update

WOW!!! That best explains our summer. It has been crazy around here. Being our last summer before Lily starts Kindergarten we wanted to make sure she got to do things like visit grandma and grandpa in Austin and have lots of fun before she starts school. SOOOO here is our update
Lily: We are very excited that lily is #2 on the waiting list for the dual language program at her school. They will place children in that class up until January. This would be an amazing opportunity for her to be immersed in the Spanish language until 7th grade at which time she will be able to study a 3rd language. Seeing as though more than 50% of our state is Hispanic we believe this is a great way for her to get a head start. We have started purchasing school supplies and this weekend mommy is school clothes shopping, there aren't many choices to make because the kids wear uniforms. Lily visited Austin 2 weeks ago and had a lot of fun. She saw big grandma and grandpa (great grandma and grandpa Zendejas) for jello, played with her cousin Lexi, got to swim everyday, had lots of ice cream and of course Grandmas famous chocolate chip cookies (no worries Patsy, I wont give away the secret ). This week is VBS, she (and I) was a little scared the first day, I bet there were 500 kids in there! But when she got home yesterday she said it was so much fun, she wanted to go back today. Mommy had a little taste of what Kindergarten was going to be like and I didn't like it! At the end of July we are going back to Austin to visit and see uncle Michael who will just have come home from the Army, we are all very excited to spend some time with him.

Thomas: We are very proud to say Thomas is making tons of progress with his therapies. He sees a behavioral therapist weekly and a OT (for sensory) every other week. We have found ways to avoid and defuse about 75% of his fits. His vocabulary is growing by the day (it helps to have a sister that talks 24/7!). He had a dr appt yesterday and even the dr commented that he was doing so well during the visit (this used to be a trigger). Thomas loves cars and the movie Cars! When in Austin Grandma and Grandpa took him to see Cars 2. He has not put down his McQueen car since, he even sleeps with it. Thomas carries a backpack with probably 25 matchbox cars everywhere he goes (it is heavy) and it has replaced his blankey (yea!!!) Thomas is loving the water this summer and will even jump into your arms, just as long as you don't let him go under! Earlier in the summer Thomas got to go to the City of Rowlett's Touch a Truck. He loved it, he got to touch lots of trucks, but his favorite is getting to operate the arm on the trash truck...Oh I am proud!

Pups: We rescued a female Boxer at the end of April, her name is Gracie. She is adjusting well, she really likes to bug her brother. She still needs some training, but is VERY smart. Duncan has improved considerably since his hospital stay. I would say he is better now than before he got sick. He is putting on some weight and even chasing Gracie around the yard. He is learning to sit in his new highchair (Bailey chair), he really hates it!

Mommy and Daddy: We are doing great, busy busy as always!

Hope everyone Else's summer is going as well as ours and I think I am ready for school to start so things can slow down!

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