Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mommy and Daddy's Quiet Weekend.

Frank and I took a trip to Amarillo this weekend, in fact this was the first overnight trip we have taken since the kids were born. It was so quiet, no crying kids, 7:30 wake up calls or middle of the night visits!
Amarillo is probably not the most glamerous place to visit, but I remembered how much I really enjoy it. The weather was beautiful, 40's and cool in the morning and would heat up to the 70's during the day. We drove around with the windows down the entire time. It is so flat up there, I swear you can see for miles. The sunsets are amazing, I can't even explain it.
We of course did the touristy stuff and visited Cadalliac Ranch, had to take pics for Lily. We also went to the TEXAS office to get souvineers. But the main reason for our visit was to see the new Performing Arts building on the West Texas A&M campus, it is amazing! We also got to see Fiddler on the Roof starring one of our professors from college. Neither of us had ever seen the show, but it was great. We visited the bookstore, ate in the old food court and walked campus. Things have changed so much since I graduated just 5 years ago. It is pretty amazing.
It was nice to get away and get recharged, we both missed the kiddos 2 days was a perfect amount of time. We need to do this more often, not only for us but also for the kiddos.

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